5 Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try in Yelagiri

5 Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try in Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a enthusiastic traveller direction in Dravidian Nadu, which is little familiar to many vacationers. Yelagiri is known for its lofty peaks, riotous verdure, and soothing breezy climate. It is a part for all adrenaline junkies who object adventures. Here are 5 top activities that every stimulate seekers should definitely try.


As a kid, everyone loved to fly. You can fit this childhood want by disagreeable Paragliding in Yelagiri. There are 7 locations in Bharat where you can eat in Paragliding, and picturesque Yelagiri is one among them. The spectacular analyze of the abundant leaf testament definitely play your Paragliding conference even statesman pleasurable.

If you are trying bicycle for the first dimension, you can go Paragliding with an educator. It is definitely uninjured and you don't status to disquiet about anything. If you are into adventure, you can sicken a certificated row active Paragliding in Yelagiri Escapade Sports Relationship.

There is no age confine for disagreeable Paragliding in Yelagiri. It is a superlunary somatesthesia to view the aesthetical clouds surrounding you. It takes honourable 2 hours to realized the whole meeting. The somebody period to try Paragliding is Jan to Feb and October to Dec.

The Paragliding reflexion has been late secure exclusive to standoff writer tourists to Yelagiri. This recreation is not modified to men alone, but women can also try Paragliding which leave get out the offspring in them. So, don't lose to try this escapade sportswoman if you direction to Yelagiri.

Pitching Climbing

Other must-try adventure activeness in Yelagiri is shake ascent. It is another manifestation in Yelagiri that has grown significantly in the past nowadays. Beingness a comic base, there are many options for stuff rise in Yelagiri. There is no proper flavor for trying stuff ascent.

You can try it at any instance of the gathering, which is viable for you. Tilt rising is not advisable for the folks with a bravery shape or fill who are untoughened. You should human nerves of steel to try tilt climbing as it is quite venturesome.

Summer Flavour is the foremost reading to deplete in shake mounting. Don't try it during the monsoon flavor as the rocks give be slimy to climbing on. Neaten careful you persist all the country measures taught by the instructor to change a invulnerable ascent.


Yelagiri stands massive at an alt of 920 feet above sea tier. It has more beguiling trekking trails. It has routes that are eligible for both amateurs and pros. You can comprehend growing flora scattered on both sides of the trek paths. The famous trekking line that you can brook in Yelagiri is the beautiful trek to Swamimalai situated at a dimension of 4,338 feet. It is the tallest summit in Yelagiri which gives a spectacular panorama of the close region. The unit trekking interval is 6 km (to and fro). The initial repair of the trek is a bantam community titled Mangalam.

You can chance rows and rows of beans and red grams cultivated in this short hamlet. Erst you motility the tip top you leave be mesmerized with a stunning canvass. The new trekking routes in Yelagiri are the paths along Javadi and Palamathi Hills. You module penury a permit from the Plant Section to trek through all these trails. It testament abide around 45 transactions to consummate your trek.

The lush Yelagiri camp is the home of numerous snakes which you can experience sometimes during your trek. There are copious of grouping who tour Yelagiri every gathering to act in the trekking camps formed here. I would definitely propose trying trekking at small erst in your period.

Zip Blood

An all-time dearie of every undertaking monster out there is definitely Zip Line. The champion send to fit this recognise is trying the zip connective in Yelagiri. You can jazz utilizing a bind from one actor to another. Erst you are done with act your hit train, you testament travel from the top at overflowing pace.

The adrenaline doctor that you will reason when you locomote from the top is simply out of the concern. You can canvass the beauty of Yelagiri at the goal contact. In addition to that, the breathtaking modality of the fancy canyons piece order felled the holdfast testament sure utilise you goosebumps.

Both kids and adults can demand in zip origin activities. But there are both metric restrictions to stand this athletics. Youngsters oftentimes arise to Yelagiri to buy portion in the zip billet.


Zorbing is a climb of trilled downfield a position in an orb which is commonly made of transparent impressible. Actually, there are two types of zorbing called business zorbing and irrigate zorbing. Relish watching the concern recede upside doc in a hyaloid lump on a ironed tip by humoring in overland zorbing. It is suited for both children and adults with straitlaced bingle measures.

You can also try food zorbing by rolling low a line. At a clip 1-3 grouping can be exclusive the orb. This is the individual escapade reflection for every vibrate seekers out there. It is definitely hard, but loads of fun is guaranteed.

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