Affordable Luxury Beachy Hotels

Affordable Luxury Beachy Hotels

Considered to be a popular holiday destination, the Maldives offers tourists a relaxed and laid back holiday lifestyle, and a break from their busy schedule. The Maldives consists of a chain of coral islands located Southwest of India and Sri Lanka. The isle nation is blessed with white sandy beaches, turquoise clear waters and sunny days throughout the year, and it is regarded as a top luxury holiday destination among celebrities. Enjoying a holiday in the Maldives typically comes with an affluent price tag, since it is truly a pristine environment. Beachy Hotel, a crowdfunding hotel project announces its opening, which aims to offer ultimate and affordable beach holidays combined with numerous environmental causes.

Beachy Hotel invites guests to enjoy the area like a local. The hotel's ethos, a “slow living” concept, enables its guests to come closer to nature and leave their busy lifestyle behind. The win-win scenario for tourists and the environment requires funding to get the hotel opened and the eco-friendly projects started. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will be launched in early September, and supporters will enjoy numerous perks, such as discounted holiday accommodations and more, at a fraction of the cost of most luxury hotels in the range.

“Our concept of running the hotel will encompass a diverse range of eco-friendly components,” said Sham Mohamed, founder of Beachy Hotel. “Supporting our campaign enables the backers an unforgettable luxury holiday experience, and helps us to contribute to the environment. Taking environment conservation seriously, we have already devised most plans to conduct our programs once the project is funded.”

Elaborating Beachy Hotel's eco-friendly goals, the organization will initiate three eco-friendly programs. The first program involves the creation of a naturally formed coral garden, which will be planted and harvested by the organization. The corals act as the base of a healthy reef, which the marine fauna and fish depend upon, while boosting the well-being of the reef. The second program is a turtle nursery, which will increase the turtle survival rate by nursing baby turtles to maturity, and releasing them into the ocean. Lastly, Beachy Hotel plans to launch an awareness program, which will teach locals about the importance of environmental practices. Preserving the beauty of the Maldives, the hotel will also focus on protecting marine life species, such as whales, sharks and manta rays.

Along with a good cause, Beachy Hotel offers three accommodation types, all with abundant features: Standard, Deluxe and Sunset Rooms, which can be reserved at an amazing price by supporting the hotel's Indiegogo campaign. Numerous excursions and activities may be arranged with the hotel upon request. Guests may enjoy romantic cruises, fishing, kayaking, boarding, surfing and culture awareness events. The hotel also includes an à la carte café & bistro, which is exclusive to hotel guests, and serves Western and Asian cuisine.
Travelers may visit the Indiegogo campaign page to learn more about the project and the hotel.

About Beachy Hotel:
Coming soon, Beachy Hotel will offer beach holidays in the popular beach community, the Maldives, at affordable prices. With an environmental purpose, the company invites prospective guests to partner with them on various eco-friendly projects.
Beachy Hotel is asking for funding through Indiegogo in order to carry out its environmental projects and open the luxury hotel. Beachy Hotel offers three types of reward tiers for its supporters: Souvenir perks, Accommodation perks and Activity perks. Souvenir perks offer genuine Maldivian souvenirs, which will be shipped by December 2016. Accommodation perks offer discounted accommodation packages of 6 to 10 days at Beachy Hotel, and are valid until November 2019. Activity perks are add-on perks, which can be added-on an accommodation perk in order to spice up a holiday with various excursions and water sports activities, which is valid until November 2019. Support the cause and to enjoy a beach holiday.

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